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A Service Processor You Can Depend On

Talon Recovery, LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation agency. With over 25 years in the industry, our experience speaks for itself. We are proud that with our quality services, we have made our company a “go-to” for those seeking a reliable process server or investigator.

We are licensed to perform all types of professional investigations, including legal support on court cases, infidelity investigations, missing persons, process serving, and the online monitoring of GPS units. Our investigative background gives us an edge on other companies in the area. We specialize in finding and serving evasive individuals.

At Talon Recovery, LLC, our clients always come first. Our team will handle your case in a professional, discreet manner. Our commitment is to provide you with cost-effective and quality service. Talon Recovery, LLC is a leader in Atlanta process serving. Contact us now if you live in these areas and want to discover the power of Talon Recovery.

Process Service

We legally notify individuals of their involvement in a court proceeding by delivering legal documents such as subpoenas, summons, writs, complaints, and more. Our professional Atlanta, GA process servers offer a quick turnaround time and accurate service.

Our team specializes in serving hard to find and evasive individuals. We use investigative tactics to locate these defendants so your case can continue in a timely manner. If other companies have not been able to complete your serve, Talon Recovery, LLC is here to get the job done right.


Our resourceful investigators conduct thorough research to gather relevant evidence. We report all findings to our clients in an organized and timely manner.

Throughout our years of dedicated experience serving the Atlanta area, we have assisted individuals, businesses, and legal teams with a wide variety of investigations including the following: infidelity investigations, background checks, workers compensation investigations, computer and data forensics, corporate investigations, on-site and remote surveillance, and mystery shopper testing. You can trust our investigators to get you the answers you seek.


Surveillance is conducted by monitoring a person’s actions and whereabouts using video, photography, and general observation. Our team performs surveillance to aid in a variety of case types. We pride ourselves on our ability to locate evasive individuals and our surveillance methods play a critical role in this.

Investigators must gather evidence within each state’s specific laws to ensure that it is usable in court. All of our surveillance is handled discreetly and meets all required standards. Our modern technologies and dedication makes Talon Recovery, LLC the number one choice for your surveillance needs.

Georgia Process Servers and Investigators Working Hard For You

Our process servers are based out of Douglasville, GA but also service the surrounding areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Hiram, GA
  • etc.